So you've decided you need a photographer?

The first thing you do is fire up the computer and start your search, right? Looking on Facebook. Searching Google. You are looking for someone unique. Someone with a distinct look. Someone who's photos make you really stop and enjoy what you are viewing. That is the exact reaction I strive for with my photography. I want to give my clients something not only they will enjoy, but I want their photographs to be on a level so that anyone can appreciate them.

So, you might have stumbled across my blog or one of my portfolio pages from a Google search or maybe a friend told you to check out my site. Then, you went to my about page and checked out my super funny about me video and said, "Hey, I like this guy!" I wonder if he could photograph what I need? (Yes! I totally can and I would love to by the way) So you start to think, "What does he cost?" "Does he photograph everything?" "Where did he get that sweet jacket in his video?" (It's from Guess and I LOVE it!)

To answer your questions, Yes! I do photograph almost anything!